We offer the following online workshops:

  1. Personal Knowledge Management
  2. Collaborative Working and Learning
  3. Building and Leading an Online Community
  4. Leading a Connected Team

Workshop format

Each of the workshops is available as a 4 week online, social workshop.

Please note these workshops do not use a traditional, formal online course format and there are no synchronous activities

The workshops provide a semi-structured approach that’s necessary to kickstart the informal, social learning that will be needed to become proficient – so are  designed to give just enough structure, without constraining personal and social learning.

At the beginning of each workshop week we provide some introductory web reading as well a practical (individual and/or group) activity to get you thinking, doing and talking about the week’s topic. We curate what we think are the essential resources on a topic and also provide additional links and resources for those who are interested to stimulate the discussion. Participants can undertake these readings and activities whenever it is convenient for them. The total time commitment should be about 3 hours per week, though there is the potential to do more, should they so desire.

The workshops are hosted within our social platform which enables us to have a continuous flow of conversation around the workshop topic so that people can continuously learn from one other. We try to find ways to help each person as issues arise in the conversations. Without these conversations, we would not be able to help in an informed way. For those attending, the more they participate and contribute, the more they will get out of the workshop.

Participants will have access to the workshop materials and conversations for 90 days after the end of the workshop. Re-use of materials within participants’ organisations can be negotiated.

Bespoke workshops

We can also create private bespoke workshops – combining elements from any of our standard workshops and/or adding in any onsite components you require.

Email Jane.Hart@c4lpt.co.uk to talk about how we can build a custom workshop for you.

Feedback on our workshops

We have been running online social workshops for global participants for many years. Here is some of the feedback we have received.

“When facilitators/moderators help make connections in conversation threads, add content without getting in the way and encourage collaboration – as Jane and Harold are doing here – the conversation and learning can be far greater and more satisfiying than a f2f conversation.“

“Without any coherent strategy I often was not persistent in my undertakings. This workshop gave me an excellent opportunity to evaluate my position and to work out an appropriate approach.”

“I used a time tracking tool to get a feeling for how much time I spend on seeking, sensing and sharing … So reducing my seeking and spending more time sensing (converting things into high quality content) is my most important goal for the next few months.”

“Thank you very much for offering the workshop and putting so much thoughtfulness and guidance into it. It has helped in substantially in formally getting my thoughts together for a new community and for helping me reflect on the existing community and how that came into being. The workshop length was just about right for me in relation to work commitments”

“I have enjoyed this workshop and it has really helped me realise how important planning and preparation is. I have lots of new terms and explanations that I can now use as evidence of good practice. I have also had time to explore different types of communities and see how powerful they can be.” 

“Jane, a big thank you for offering a stimulating and rewarding workshop. I have gained much useful information from the workshop – not least how to facilitate an engaging online teaching and learning experience! And of course thank you to all course participants who provided excellent discussion and food for thought.”

“This is a great workshop. Filled with opportunities to rethink and take control of your personal knowledge stream.”

“The workshop was akin to going on my own personal learning journey that started out with a rough map that was provided by Harold Jarche, our “facilitator”, curator and moderator but we all followed it in our individual ways to get to our own treasure at the end.  I’m sure that everyone who did the workshop had their own unique and individual learning journey which took them down a path where they made their own judgements and apply what they learned to their own work-based scenarios. Some may have found gold, others may have found just sand but regardless, it made them think, reflect and learn something for themselves on the journey.”